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♥ Go Love Yourself! ♥
A place for sharing words and works to redeem self-esteem.
1) If a guy asks a girl's cellphone number in a rude or harassing way: GIRL: Don't you have anyone else to talk to? Besides, I only have a beeper! Sorry! :)
2)To build self-esteem: Tell a friend that she doesn't need a guy to feel better and to change the way she looks. A small encouragement everyday is a small way of helping a friend to boost her self-esteem. Also, explain that being simple is still the best way to feel great.
3)If a guy goes up to a girl in a bar and persuades her to drink with him... GIRL: If you still insist that i drink with you, I will vomit on you so bad you're going to regret you even paid ti have a drink with me.
4) If I witness a guy harassing a girl who can't fight back, I will help her get out of that situation and make everyone notice what the guy just did. Just to teach him a lesson. It takes courage to step up but small things can truly change a situation and help save someone's self-esteem. 

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You are a woman, so you have to flaunt it. 
Don't ever let men overpower you, you are a woman, show them what you're all about, show them what you're made of.
It is about showing men that women are not prone to easy abusement and sexual harassment.
Women are smart and women do not have to walk in the shadow of men!
Women are more than what men perceive them to be.
So SHOW THEM YOUR WORTH... And show them what you're made of.
You are more than just the wit, the face, the laugh and the brains. 
You are a unique person and you should flaunt what you have.
Never underestimate a woman's capacity!

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Micromovements are an encouraging way to approach any project like the Redeem Your Self-Esteem campaign. These are little steps to effect change in your life, to build self-confidence and to positively influence others.

Here are micromovements for 7 days that aim to help you love and accept yourself.

DAY 1: Wear something that you have wanted to wear in public but have been too insecure to wear.

DAY 2:
Learn how to say “no” when people ask you to do something you don’t want to do. Instead of saying “no,” you can say, “I’m not comfortable with that,” “I have another commitment,” “I know you’ll do a wonderful job yourself,” or “I need to leave some free time for myself.”

DAY 3:
When someone inappropriately comments on they way another person looks like (what she's wearing, how thin/big she is, etc), be the bigger person and say "Is that how you really measure the worth/beauty of a person?"

DAY 4:
Express your admiration for someone by writing a letter to tell him or her how he/she has inspired you to hold your head up high and be more confident with the person that you are.

DAY 5:
List positive traits you feel you have and recite them to yourself as a ritual of recognition.

DAY 6:
Reward yourself for your accomplishments. Take the night off to celebrate, spend time with a good friend or compliment yourself for doing a good job.

DAY 7:
Make a “success file” with all your awards, certificates, papers with good grades and positive letters or citations. Remind yourself of your accomplishments whenever you feel down.

 After doing these micromovements, share your experience with us :) 


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How we feel about ourselves can influence how we live our lives. People who feel that they are likable and lovable (in other words people with good self-esteem) have better relationships. They are more likely to ask for help and support from friends and family when they need it. People who believe they can accomplish goals and solve problems are more likely to do well in school. Having good self-esteem allows you to accept yourself and live life to the fullest.

If you want to improve your self-esteem, here are some steps to start empowering yourself:

  • Try to stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself. If you're used to focusing on your shortcomings, start thinking about positive aspects of yourself that outweigh them. When you catch yourself being too critical, counter it by saying something positive about yourself. Each day, write down three things about yourself that make you happy.
  • Aim for accomplishments rather than perfection. Some people become paralyzed by perfection. Instead of holding yourself back with thoughts like, "I won't audition for the play until I lose 10 pounds," think about what you're good at and what you enjoy, and go for it.
  • View mistakes as learning opportunities. Accept that you will make mistakes because everyone does. Mistakes are part of learning. Remind yourself that a person's talents are constantly developing, and everyone excels at different things — it's what makes people interesting.
  • Try new things. Experiment with different activities that will help you get in touch with your talents. Then take pride in new skills you develop.
  • Recognize what you can change and what you can't. If you realize that you're unhappy with something about yourself that you can change, then start today. If it's something you can't change (like your height), then start to work toward loving yourself the way you are.
  • Set goals. Think about what you'd like to accomplish, then make a plan for how to do it. Stick with your plan and keep track of your progress.
  • Take pride in your opinions and ideas. Don't be afraid to voice them.
  • Make a contribution. Tutor a classmate who's having trouble, help clean up your neighborhood, participate in a walk-a-thon for a good cause, or volunteer your time in some other way. Feeling like you're making a difference and that your help is valued can do wonders to improve self-esteem.
  • Exercise! You'll relieve stress, and be healthier and happier.
  • Have fun. Ever found yourself thinking stuff like "I'd have more friends if I were thinner"? Enjoy spending time with the people you care about and doing the things you love. Relax and have a good time — and avoid putting your life on hold.

It's never too late to build healthy, positive self-esteem. In some cases where the emotional hurt is deep or long lasting, it can take the help of a mental health professional, like a counselor or therapist. These experts can act as a guide, helping people learn to love themselves and realize what's unique and special about them.

Self-esteem plays a role in almost everything you do. People with high self-esteem do better in school and find it easier to make friends. They tend to have better relationships with peers and adults, feel happier, find it easier to deal with mistakes, disappointments, and failures, and are more likely to stick with something until they succeed. It takes some work, but it's a skill you'll have for life.

Reviewed by: Barbara P. Homeier, MD
Date reviewed: April 2006
Originally reviewed by: D'Arcy Lyness, PhD


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Self esteem boosters: self-esteem doesn't have to rule your moods, your actions, and your demeanor. By taking a few of these tips to heart, you can be a healthier, more confident person.

Become AWARE of your thoughts and feelings Explore your negative emotions such as anger, frustration, jealousy, envy, annoyance, blame, resentment, impatience, and hostility. Remind yourself that that you can choose to stay with the thought/feeling or you can choose to cancel it and replace it with another thought/feeling.

Say 'no' to negativity Even if you don't believe that you have the power to cancel your negative thoughts/feelings, when you find yourself thinking something negative, stop and say "STOP!" Say it out loud! (Yes, this may feel stupid at first, but do it anyway!) After a while, you will notice that the negative thought/feelings are diminishing. 

Keep Busy with Positive Thoughts Visualize and replace the negative thoughts with affirmations. This will keep your mind so busy that it won't have time to dwell on anything negative. 

Replace any negative thoughts with affirmations An affirmation is a short statement, stated in a present tense, of how you would like to be at this moment in time. Write down affirmations and put them on your bathroom mirror. Every morning, after you brush your teeth, say them out loud! The more you say it, the more you will believe it.

 Do good things Do a good deed for somebody every day, without telling anybody. Put money in a stranger¡¦s parking meter, but the elderly man in your apartment building a newspaper, overtip a waitress. Acting like a ¡§wonderful person" makes you feel wonderful. Revel in it!


Treat yourself to something you love, and tell yourself you deserve it. Go to a baseball game, spa, or shopping!

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Are you overwhelmed, overloaded and overworked? Do you fall into bed each night feeling further behind than when the day began? Now's the time to take a step back and chart a course for a simpler, saner existence.  A calmer, less complicated life doesn't require quitting our job.  All it takes are a few small changes/ micro movements to make a huge difference in your world. 


Micro movements to building your self esteem:


Start keeping a journal or a diary where you could got down your reflections on the given tasks.


Celebrate your humanness:
Take down the walls. Stop playing a role. Let people see who you are. Stop criticizing yourself. See every mistake as an opportunity to grow.

Task: Chart the following. Identify the image you’re “faking” and write a workable resolution that can 
change faking to being true to yourself and the people around you.


Love yourself unconditionally:
Keep your heart open to yourself no matter what. Love yourself when you're feeling depressed, angry, scared, sad, hurt, jealous, and lonely. Don't abandon yourself!!

Task:  Create a mood chart in your journal every week. Everyday, write down how you are feeling the whole day. Write down what mad you happy, sad, or depressed and see the developments of your feelings. 


Appreciate yourself regularly:
Notice all of the things you like about yourself-your talents, abilities, unique qualities. Acknowledge yourself constantly. Tell yourself the things you always wanted to hear from others.

Task: In your journal, write out a statement such as "I like and accept myself just the way I am", I am the master of my destiny", "I am somebody, I love myself, I believe in myself".  Carry the journal with you.  Repeat the statement several times during the day, especially at night before going to bed and after getting up in the morning.  Whenever you say the affirmation, allow yourself to experience positive feelings about your statement.


Pay attention to yourself:
Notice what you like and don't like. Make time for what you love to do. Reward yourself. Give yourself special pleasures.

Task: Every morning take ten minutes of your time to think over. Simply think about what is important to you in your life.  Reflect on your mission. Have a check list of your goals you want to achieve during the day. At the end of the day, if your check list was achieved, reward yourself to a massage, a cookie or a movie. 


Be aware of your feelings and learn to express them honestly:
Your feelings show who you are and what really matters to you. Learn to recognize old feelings and find a safe place to release them (support groups, therapist, journal or close friend). Tell the whole truth fast and say it with love.

Task: Write down a secret in your journal and write the whole truth about it. Make sure to pour your feelings out as you right it down. This way you will have an avenue for repressed feelings.


Develop a positive attitude toward your life:
Task: Write down your successes, thankfuls, and desires. Write down very specifically what you want in your life-career, relationships, home, car, self-esteem, spiritual connection, etc. Over time you will see the items on the desire list turn up on your thankful or success list.


Write a history of the development of your self-esteem or lack thereof:
Task: Include childhood, schooling, role models, and relationships. Make a list of the beliefs you took on about yourself as a result of these experiences. Turn the negative beliefs into positive affirmations and affirm them to yourself regularly. EXAMPLE: negative belief: "I am bad. I never do anything good enough." Positive affirmation:" am good. My best is good enough." Do connected breathing while affirming the positive affirmation and allow any sadness or anger to move through. You know when you are finished, when all you feel is gratitude and love for self.

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Rather than learning how to be tolerant of difficult feelings, many of us have learned only to avoid them... our inclination is often to run from our emotions because they carry with them the threat of destruction. Indulging ourselves in thinking as a protective alternative, we try to avoid our fear by staying aloof of our feelings.

Mark Epstein, M.D.
Going to Pieces without Falling Apart
p. 102

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